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Judicial Services Examination is an entry-level exam for law graduates to become members of the subordinate judiciary. The exam focuses on the current events of national and international importance. The Judicial Services Examination provides a secure and comfortable tenure. Besides, it gives an opportunity to the selected candidates to serve the country. Judicial Service Examination is held in three successive stages namely Preliminary Examination, Mains and Interview.

Preparation for Judicial Services Examination requires a focused mind with a planned framework. Simple steps you should follow to crack judiciary examination :–

1. Prepare Notes- While studying makes short notes of important points for exam time revision. Try to learn new things and add them to your notes. Revise old notes daily. If you will leave it for tomorrow then you will forget most of the things.

2. Judiciary Books- There are some Books which are good for judicial examination. Like Bare Act, Avtar Singh, Bare Act, Kelkar.

3. Keep a Track of Time While Solving Papers: Just practice again and again until you can complete the whole paper before half hour. You should complete 120 MCQ questions per hour.

4.Previous Year Papers are Must-Take previous year questions at least five years. Just check yourself and find mistakes yourself only.

5. Start Teaching- Teaching is the best way to learn something. This will increase your knowledge. This will compel you to study more in order to answer student’s questions.

6. Take help of Books-Buy right study materials which should be based on the syllabus and relevant to previous year questions. It means to buy only selected notes and books.

7. Study Routine-Make a possible study routine of 6 to 8 hours and follow it honestly and seriously without any compromise.

8. Check pattern Of questions-Categorise the questions topic wise and check what are the types of questions those being asked?

9. Study in Groups- This is the most interesting and interactive way to learn.

10. Mock Tests-Practice Free Mock Tests. This will help you to evaluate yourself.

Ones you have passed your LLB degree honesty it means you have no good understanding of law so all you need to do is make a right strategy and brush up knowledge with writing practice. It means if you make the proper and suitable strategy and start following that honesty nothing is going to stop you.
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